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About Us

Rubicon Wallet is a convenient and powerful tool for effective cryptocurrency control. Thanks to its multi-currency and functionality, you can easily manage different types of digital assets directly in the application itself, without having to create a separate wallet for each currency.

Priority #1 - Security of user capital and data

To ensure a high level of security for accessing the app and protecting your digital assets, the developers have employed advanced cryptographic solutions as well as authentication methods, including the use of biometrics such as fingerprints or facial recognition. An additional level of security is provided by entering a six-digit password.

The intuitive interface makes digital asset transactions, including transferring, receiving and controlling digital assets, easy for both novices and users with an advanced level of crypto investing knowledge.
In addition to this, we ensure complete confidentiality while using our service.

Here are some of the benefits Rubicon Wallet has:

  • Protection of digital resources and privacy of information. Crypto transactions are protected by effective encryption methods.
  • User interface. The interface of the multicurrency crypto wallet includes design elements and provides all the necessary features for convenient use of the application.
  • Support for 100+ cryptocurrencies. The list of supported cryptocurrencies includes Bitcoin, Cardano, Ripple, Solana, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and their number is constantly increasing.
  • Multicurrency. Using our platform will save you from having to download separate applications for different cryptocurrencies. You can conveniently manage different assets in one place.
  • Express transactions. Users can go straight to the section to send or receive funds quickly.
  • Display the cryptocurrency balance in a convenient currency. The functionality of the application allows to see the current value of cryptoassets in a familiar or more user-friendly currency unit (UAH, USD, EUR and GBP). This helps to better assess the value of the portfolio and understand its dynamics more easily.
  • Reliable and user-friendly, with an easy-to-use interface and unique functionality, Rubicon Wallet offers a convenient solution for working with several types of cryptocurrencies and provides a wide range of choices for your investments and transactions.