Manage your financial future with Rubicon Wallet: a simple and secure way to buy, exchange and store cryptocurrency

A versatile cryptocurrency wallet for buying, storing and managing digital assets.

Iphone Rubicoin
Cryptocurrency wallet for <span>multiple coins</span>
Cryptocurrency wallet for multiple coins

Rubicon Wallet provides secure storage of cryptocurrencies on iOS and Android mobile devices. The app has already gained the trust of more than 1 million users, who have rated its performance with the highest score. This is another proof of the safety of its use, protection of personal data and user funds. You just need to create a new wallet or connect your existing wallet to the Rubicon Wallet app and you can manage your assets in a secure crypto-ecosystem.

Thousands of supported <span>coins</span>
Thousands of supported coins

The Rubicon Wallet app supports ETH, Bitcoin wallet and all ERC-20 tokens. Our team is regularly expanding the list of supported cryptocurrencies, so to make sure you don't miss an opportunity to expand your portfolio, keep an eye on our updates. You can also contact our team directly so we can add your favorite coins to Rubicon Wallet.

Why do more users choose Rubicon Wallet?
Keep track of charts and prices of coins and tokens
Store secure coins to minimize the risks of market volatility
Gain additional cryptocurrency with stacking.
Securely store coins and protect your privacy
Expand your cryptocurrency portfolio with a credit card.
Make instant exchanges and trade assets in one app.
Start in 3 easy steps
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Rubicon Wallet
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Register or connect your wallet
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Start buying cryptocurrency
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